Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Clebration

Birthday Celebration:

Haist!!! i already turn 24 this 19th of April 2011.. and yet i don't have the the diploma that i should be proud of... Already working for it... i was so thankful that a lot of my friends greet me on the day of my birthday even though i was kinda sad because my family doesn't greet me yet ahe!! but when i went home i was happy n din because they already greet me.. ahe

being 24 is not that easy because every time that i am going to add 1 yr to my age i am thinking that a lot of responsibilities i should have. and for i can be able to do all my responsibilities i should be more serious to pursue my studies, and believe on what i have to get my dreams.

i am always thankful for all those people who really helps me a lot with out you guys i know i cant survive. i know that you already know yourselves... thank you so much..

a new beginning of my life again!!!! ajah!!

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